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     W are Professional Organizers serving the communities of the Coachella Valley. Our goal is to help individuals and small businesses in their homes and offices with their organizing needs…and so much more.

If you are busy, overwhelmed by the task, don't know where to begin, dealing with a loss, tired of not being able to find things, or simply dislike organizing… we can help you alleviate the stress. We will create an enjoyable living space, free of clutter. Let us help you by doing what we do best!

Let's Organize Now with Karen McElhatton


  • Arranging your home closets/drawers, kitchen, home office; doing errands; updating addresses and holiday card lists; scheduling donations and handling receipts; gift wrapping and shipping; personal and home supply shopping etc.

  • Organizing and creating files  in your work office; updating business contact information; scheduling appointments; purchasing supplies, etc.

  • Assisting with finding qualified service people when needed.

  • Providing notary services (licensed and bonded in California)


Call (760) 899-5444 for more information or

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